The Southern Society is a heavy/southern metal band from Subotica, Serbia. It's the brainchild of singer/guitarist/songwriter Tibor Szloboda, and guitarist/songwriter Endre Tolnai. They started the band in June of 2008, after a few years of plannig. In the summer of 2008 both of them were on hiatus from their previous bands: Amok (Tibor) and Nowhere-Drive (Endre), so they decided to start the long awaited project. Even before they started searching for the other 2 members, they began writing their own material for their upcoming debut album. In October of 2008, drummer Marcell Roncsak, also from Nowhere-Drive joined the band. In February 2009 they recruited Sandor Dorogi, a local musician to join the band as their bass player, and completing the official line-up. In 2012, Attila Nemet (Amentes, ex-Amok,ex-Raze) became the new permanent drummer for The Southern Society.

The 4 members had very different musical backgrounds, but they also had a lot in common, so this helped in the development of their own sound. It could be best described as a mixture of heavy metal and southern metal/rock with some progressive elements.

They recorded their first demo album in the spring of 2010, and recorded their first official music video the same year.

The debut album, Tales From a Southern Land, will be available in CD form in June 2012. The release was supported bu the NKA foundation from Hungary.

In March of 2011 they won the "Battle Of The Bands" competition in Budapest, Hungary at Club Crazy Mama. Currently they're gearing up for their upcoming concerts, and recording videos for the rest of the songs from their debut album.

Pride, Respect & Brotherhood!