March 19, 2011.

We're proud to announce that The Southern Society won the Battle Of The Bands competition! We would like to thank everyone for the support and the opportunity. Special thanks to fellow band-mates from Éjfény and Steroid for their friendly support, and we'd also like to congratulate them for their achievement. Looking forward to share a stage again soon. Respect & Brotherhood!

March 13, 2011.

It's great pleasure to announce that we've made it to the final round of the Battle Of The Bands competition. We would like to say thanks to everyone for the kind words and support, and we'll see you at the finals next week. We would also like to congratulate the other bands as well, because it was a very tough competition, and we've seen a bunch of great acts. So once again thanks for the opportunity, and see you at the Finals... !!!

March 8, 2011.

We're proud to announce that we've qualified for the semi-finals of the "Battle Of The Bands" competition at Crazy Mama club, which will be held this Thursday, March 10, 2011. So come and check it out!!!

January 20, 2011.

After a few long weeks of post-production, we're proud to announce that our debut video for the song Burn Well is finally finished, and posted online. Check it out, and let us know what you think. Enjoy...


December 2, 2010.

We're proud to announce that the band has made it's way to the second round of the Battle Of The Bands competition, which will be held at the Crazy Mama club in Budapest, Hungary, one of the leading rock/metal clubs in Europe. Many famous bands have played at the club, including Tim Ripper Owens, Jorn, etc.

November 8, 2010.

We've just finished shooting our first video yesterday for the track "Burn Well". So now it's time for a couple of days of editing and post production. We're all really excited about it, and can't wait for everybody to see it. The video will be available on our website and on youtube of course. Stay tuned...

September 21, 2010.

Even though a few weeks have passed since our last update, there's no reason to think we've been sitting around doing nothing :)

August 17, 2010.

After a few weeks of summer vacations, we're continuing work, and getting ready to hit the clubs in the fall. New gig dates will be posted soon.
We've also improved our sound with some new gear that we got over the last couple of weeks. Just a few toys to feed our never ending hunger for amps and pedals. So we'll see you live soon, and gonna kick your ass like never before...
Keep those heads bangin'


July 4, 2010.

Our song "Mean Machine" was featured in the latest issue of Nocturne Magazine, and also it's CD bundle. We're very proud to be included in the only real heavy magazine in Serbia. Buy the magazine and check out the website :

January 25, 2010.

So here's our latest studio update as usual. All the rhythm tracks were recorded last week. El Diablo did a great job shredding up his parts for all the remaining tracks, so we're starting the lead guitar parts this week. Hopefully we'll finish all the lead parts by the end of the week, and in that case it's time for the vocals after that. We're very excited about the outcome of the whole project, and can't wait for everyone to hear it. So until then, as always... keep on headbangin', and see you on the 13th of february at Klub Mladost!