January 18, 2010.

Well I think it's about time for a new update from the recording session, after all it's been a few weeks since the last one. Now that the holidays are over, we're back recording the missing tracks.

December 24, 2009.

As usual here's this week's update from the studio. We've started recording the rhythm guitar tracks, and mr.6string recorded 6 songs this weeks, so there are 3 more to go next week, so hopefully that will be done by new year's. So we're starting the new year with El Diablo and his rhythm tracks. Should be fun...

So until then... Have a wonderful time during the holidays, and see ya in 2010!!!!

December 14, 2009.

Here's this week's update from the studio. All bass tracks were completed last week, and I gotta say, they sound awesome. Doki did a great job with all 10 tracks, and we're very excited about the outcome of the whole thing. We're starting the guitars this week, and hopefully we'll finish by mid-January. So as usual, keep checking back for updates.

November 17, 2009.

Doki recorded the bass tracks for the first 4 songs last week. You can see some video footage from it in the video section. We'll continue with the recording this week, and hopefully all bass tracks will be recorded by the end of next week. So everything's moving along as planned. As usual we'll keep you posted with our weekly updates, so keep checking back.

November 3, 2009.

The recording process went faster and smoother than we'd hoped, and the Beatkeeper was able to finish all the drum tracks last weekend. All 9 tracks were recorded, and we're very pleased with the results. So now it's time to record the bass and rhythm guitar tracks, which we'll start this week, so as usual keep checking back for updates. I hope the rest of the recording will go just as smoothly as the drums did. So... Bang those heads... \m/ \m/

October 29, 2009.

We're finally starting our recording session this weekend. Many of you have been asking about the upcoming cd, and when it will be available, well there's a few more weeks to wait, but the official recording process is about to begin, so keep checking back for updates. We're starting with a couple of drum tracks this week, hopefully the Beatkeeper will pound the hell out of the skins. Hopefully we'll finish the cd 'til the end of the year, or early next year. And there will also be some gigs coming your way, so keep checking. Until then... keep on headbangin'